Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cats Find Homes

Today was my volunteer day at our local animal shelter. I work in the cat room, helping to get the cats and kittens placed in new homes. Some days its great--others it's not. Today was a good day, because we got two cats placed in a three hour shift. One was a beautiful young cat. She was a piece of cake, everyone wanted to take her home. The other was a two year old male cat named Lynden--a long-time stray who was simply skin and bones. He looked pretty beat up. But under that battered exterior lurked the sweetest, most loving cat in the building. I wanted to take him home myself, but luckily, a very nice woman came in looking for a gentle cat for her and her four year old son. I introduced her to Lynden, told her his sad story, and it was love at first sight. She couldn't wait to take him home immediately to fatten him up and shower him with love and attention. It was a perfect match. Ahhh. "I love it when a plan comes together."


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