Saturday, April 02, 2005

When You're Sad...Work

With the death of Pope John Paul II, today was a sad day for many people throughout the world, Catholics, other people of faith, and even those who don't believe at all. It seems that this man touched the lives of so many and left an imprint of peace, hope, and an abiding respect for life. We shall miss him.

When I'm sad, I work. Today I got a lot accomplished. I met with my group of Master Gardeners and we bottled and distributed compost tea this morning. I ended up with three gallons of the wonderful stuff which I put on my roses and other misc. perennials. My Dh painted and hung a trellis under the eaves so that the out-of-control Clematis Montana could make it's way across the front of the house. (My secret desire is to have a cozy house draped with vines...)

Then I planted a perennial sunflower that grows to six feet tall and is supposed to be covered in small, soft yellow, daisy-like flowers. That should be beautiful in the back of the border. Plus, we did get nearly half of the tomato plants potted up in individual 4" pots. I thought I was doing good, until this morning when I ran into a woman with two greenhouses (oh, the envy...) who was potting up 600 with the help of a lovely group of teenagers. Wow---how wonderful is that? She'd even brought orange juice and doughnuts to share. There is so much kindness in the world.


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