Thursday, December 28, 2006

It Pays To Read The Box...

Art by Mike Wimmer - Copyright © 2006 Celestial Seasonings

One of the things that I truly love is sitting down with a good cup of tea. It's taken many years, but I've finally gotten my coffee-loving husband to enjoy it as well. Before Christmas, he surprised me by bringing home a number of special holiday flavored green and herbal teas from Celestial Seasonings. Now I love this company and their teas. Each box is a delight from a design standpoint. The art is wonderful and each box is always covered with wonderful quotations, front, back, bottom and interior box flaps even!

One of these teas (Candy Cane Lane) really caught my attention. Not only is it a delicious decaf blend of peppermint, orange peel, vanilla, and other yummy flavors (perfect for a before-bed cuppa!) but it had this truly lovely quotation from Ernestine Schumann-Heink (1898 to 1903, Schumann-Heink was hailed as "the world's greatest contralto.)

A True Home

"A roof to keep out the rain. Four walls to keep out the wind. Floors to keep out the cold. Yes, but home is more than that. It is the laugh of a baby, the song of a mother, the strength of a father. Warmth of loving hearts, light from happy eyes, kindness, loyalty, comradeship. Home is first school...for the young ones where they learn what is right, what is good, and what is kind. Where they go for comfort when they are hurt or sick. Where joy is shared and sorrow eased. Where fathers and mothers are respected and loved. Where children are wanted. Where the simplest food is good enough for kings because it is earned. Where money is not so important as loving-kindness. Where even the teakettle sings from happiness. That is home."

What a wonderful defination of "home". See how much you can learn, simply be brewing a cup of tea?


Blogger Amy said...

Absolutely lovely, especially since it relates so much to what I have been contemplating lately! Thank you for posting this!

2:09 PM  
Blogger One Woman's Cottage Life said...

Hi Lisa! It's Kim from One Woman's Cottage Life! This is so funny because when I found that quote on the tea box the other day, I knew I wanted to blog about it but I wanted to first plug part of it into google to find out when it might have been written ( I often worry about if I'm breaking some kind of copyright law by just writing things word for word in my blog) Anyway, in the process of learning more about the person who wrote it, I found *your* blog and *your* entry about the quote on the tea box! So funny! You made it a little easier for me, too, hehe, because I didn't have to type it all out as I thought I was going to have to do...I just copied and pasted it from your page (hope you didn't mind!) Call it...simplifying! (which, btw, is one of my major goals)

But I loved the is so, so, true. It's all that really matters. Thank you for introducing yourself and I'll be back!

2:12 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...


I laughed out loud when I read your comment. Good for you-not having to retype that quote. I don't mind one little bit. I'm just glad that someone else took the time to appreciate the words!

9:23 AM  

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