Friday, March 02, 2007

Trying to Escape Being a Bag Lady.


I must confess, I'm a bag lady. I love tote bags and have a lot of them. I use them for my knitting and other projects. However, I was looking for something with a little more style to hold my current project. I wanted something that held my yarn, my needles, my pattern and some reading material. Well, I found the perfect thing for only $2.00!

Here's my little basket that I think was meant to hold a couple bottles of wine and some picnic supplies. However, it now holds by needles and scarf project, my ball of yarn, a pattern for a shawl along with the needles and yarn for that, and a niftly little book I'm reading, The Knitter's Gift, by Bernedette Murphy. How cool is that? And it's very portable. If you were really picky, you could sew up some cute fabric liners for the various compartments so that your yarn doesn't snag on the wicker. But I'm not that picky--yet!


I've been busy and have gotten away from knitting for a bit. One of my projects was a red scarf for The Red Scarf Project. I only discovered this group--which knits cute red scarfs of any hue and style for foster kids and children in orphanages--about three weeks before the deadline. Needless to say, I missed it. However, someone will get my red scarf when it's complete. I love this simple pattern. It's easy to do, and easy to remember, and it creates a very pretty ribbing style that's slightly out of the ordinary. You simply cast on any multiple of four. I did 44 total. Then you knit two, purl two until you reach the last three stitches which you knit. Turn and repeat until scarf reaches desired length. By knitting the three stitches at the end of each row, you get a nice effect. Try it, you'll like it!