Friday, July 06, 2007


Sometimes you need to make some changes in life--prune out the old stuff that isnt' working anymore so that you have room for new things to grow. That's what we've been doing in the garden.

The sad site of our noble red maple after our arborist and his crew cut it down.
This tree was approx. 16 years old and provided shade for our back patio and garden. It had been failing for a number of years with the leaves wilting and falling early. After a lot of research I decided it was likely Verticillium Wilt--a nasty soil-borne disease that kills a whole host of plants and can live in the soil for many, many years. Sigh. My diagnosis was confirmed by the arborist when he looked at the stump. So we are researching a replacement tree for this site. It will likely be a lovely Katsura, which is resistant to the wilt and provides lovely fall color. We'll plant it this autumn, after the hot weather is over. That's the good and bad of a garden, it's always changing!

While the work crew was there we had them remove two Mugo Pines that were "miniature" varieties, but over the years must have forgotten, because they grew into huge, ugly plants. (This is a bad photo, but they are the roundish shrubs at the base of the tall Arborvitaes.) It's so nice to have them gone. We will replace them with two pots containing something pretty, perhaps little red, laceleaf maples.

Now, if I could only muster the courage to do some pruning in other areas! I am still working on reducing my stuff and clearing out clutter. (Working slowly, mind you, but working none-the-less.) I have taken a few boxes of things to the thrift shop, and that always feels good. But there is a long way to go!


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