Monday, April 11, 2005

Civil War Quilt Block for March

Here is my completed block for the month of March. I'm new to quilting, and I don't always have the patience required to ensure the perfect matching of points, corners, etc. Let me just state that this block was a royal pain. I can say without equivication, that I'll not voluntarily make this stinker again! I also didn't think much of the fabric selection for this month. (Although the white with brown leaves was my choice.) This is a $5 quilt club, which means that you pay $5 to join, and you get a new design for a block with the fabric for everything but the background for free. If, however, you miss a class or don't complete your block, then you have to shell out another $5. It's a fun, frugal way to learn how to complete different blocks. And you find out which designs you like and which you don't ever want to make again--like this one!


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Blogger Jewelielyn said...

you've come a long way since we cut all those tiny, little hexagons out . . .

5:07 PM  

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