Friday, April 15, 2005

A Peaceful Weekend Wish For You

The weather here is again grey and cool, not the best for gardening fun. However, things are slowly coming alive in our garden nonetheless. Our grape vines are showing signs of life. We've planted two varieties that do well here in the Pacific NW. One is red and one is green, and both are table varieties. Last year we had lots of wonderfully sweet grapes for snacking.

Grape Vines Budding Posted by Hello

The kiwi vines are also starting to leaf out nicely. People told us that our summers weren't long enough for the fuzzy brown kiwis like those that you buy in the store. But we've gotten a good number of them to harvest in the past two years. Either way, they make a lovely vining plant, but you need both a male and a female for fruit!

Kiwi vine Posted by Hello

We've been lucky to see a pair of Pileated woodpeckers at our suet feeder lately. I can't get close enough to get a good photo, but you can see the damage they are doing to our fence as they clean their beaks after feeding. It's destroying our poor, old fence but having these wonderful, shy birds in our little garden is worth it.

Woodpecker Damage Posted by Hello

Here is a photo of the back border in early spring. Not many flowers, but many beautiful shades of green. The different colors, the contrasting leaf forms all bring a soothing feeling to the garden this time of year. It's a quite space before the riot of bloom really starts up in June and July. A perfect backdrop for the bursting pink blooms of the ornamental cherry along the fence.

Back Border in Early Spring Posted by Hello

Finally, a photo of the bamboo we planted last year. It's a clumping variety, so we hope that it doesn't turn into another garden thug (of which we have many!). It lends such a graceful air to our back patio and the sound of its leaves rustling in the afternoon breeze is peace itself. A happy weekend and a wish of peace to all who read this.

Clumping Bamboo Posted by Hello


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