Saturday, April 23, 2005

Garden Ramblings

This week we've been lucky to have had some warm and wonderful days of sunshine--perfect for working out in the garden. I was finally able to truck in some topsoil to the new beds in the front yard so that I could plant out the perennials. As usual, I'm certain that I planted too many plants for my site, but that will give me something to do in the future! I put in two white carpet roses, coreopsis, fleabane, shasta daisies, campanula, two cape fusias, one hardy fushia, two dianthus, siberian iris, russian sage, perennial blue salvia, centaua montana, red valerian, pink yarrow, autumn joy sedum, and misc. others. I followed no plan. I'd rather experiment and see what comes up and then move the plants around to refine the look. The element of surprise is fun, and sometimes serendipity yields wonderful results.

We also have been enjoying the wonderful birdsong that's filled our garden these past weeks as the various birds start staking out territory and building nests. It sounded like a jungle movie yesterday morning as all the different birdsongs were playing all at once. This little Pine Siskin was brave enough to let me get a good photo.

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