Thursday, November 10, 2005

Autumn in the Garden

Ahhh, Autumn in the Garden... Posted by Picasa

Well it's a wonderful, stormy day here in our part of the Pacific Northwest. It's breezy and a fine rain is hammering at the windowpanes. The leaves that remain on the trees are all red, gold, and russet, and are drifting down and landing on the green grass. It's a lovely picture and a day worthy of hunkering down in front of the fire with a glass of something warm to drink and a great book.

Bumper Crop of Kiwis! Posted by Picasa

We had a great crop of kiwi fruit this year. I was afraid that they wouldn't amount to much with our water shortage, but they look good and there are lots of them. I'll pick them this weekend and bring them indoors to ripen. Before we knew better, we tossed them all out because we didn't realize that they needed to ripen inside. Ugh, what a waste! Well, we know better now. So, we have a bit more to do to put the garden to bed for the winter, but the cover crop is sown in the veggie garden, the pots are all put away, the compost pile has been growing, and it's time to stop working and start planning for next year!


Blogger Ellen said...

I did the same thing with pears the first year in this house. I didn't realize you needed to pick them before they ripened and waited until they turned to mush on the tree. Ugh. I haven't thought about growing kiwis. I wonder how they'd do... they're a huge crop up near Chico, just a few hours from me.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Wildside Musing said...

Hi Lisa! I learned an interesting tidbit about kiwis this Summer. I was worried because I wasn't watering the heck out of them like I usually do. They've always struggled. This year, they seemed to do ok and I was told by someone who has success with them that they really don't like to be watered all that much. Still no fruit here after many years. Not sure just when I should give up, I'll hang in their as kiwis are so wonderful!

5:08 AM  
Blogger Jewelielyn said...

i love the photo of the garden bench. it just looks like "fall is coming" to me.

4:58 PM  

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