Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where are the Strawberries?

Wait, those aren't strawberries... Posted by Picasa

I have a 4 x 8 foot raised bed of strawberries that has been producing well the past few years. That's why I decided not to plant them in my "strawberry" pot. I've seen these pots used for herb gardens, but I noticed someone (sorry, don't remember who) planting hens and chickens in them and loved the idea. These poor plants get little water and no attention, yet they do well and I think they look pretty. If you like, you can tuck a few small flowering plants in as well. I think next year I'll try Johnny Jump Ups.


Blogger Juli said...

Grabbed your link from Path to Freedom. My husband & I are suburbanites yearning for a rural life and decided to make life as rural as we can where we are.

Anyway, he planted our first garden on Jan. 2, yes, winter gardening... life in FL makes that possible! (In less than a week we have lettuce and onion peeking up from the soil!) I want to use a strawberry pot to grow strawberries and have only seen hens & chickens in those pots! How did you start your berries?

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