Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm a Friend of "Friends of the Library".


Look at the great books I found at my local library! Sure, libraries are one of mankind's greatest inventions. I mean, the thought that you can access nearly any book for free as often as you like is a pretty unbelievable concept. However, if you are fortunate enough to have a "Friends of the Library" group at your local library, you can also buy wonderful books for a small price. It's like a great used bookstore, but at even better prices. Whether they're books that have been culled from the shelves, or books donated by thoughtful patrons, I am almost always able to discover a "personal find" in one of these sections. I haunt three different FOL sections,and I found these great books last week. This knitting novel cost $20 if purchased new. And I found a lovely hardbound edition with perfect dustcover for $1.00. Plus, I've been interested in learning watercolor painting for a while now. This book is the absolute best I've seen. It doesn't have a price on it, but $1.00 sounded great to me. The others I've looked at in the art supply stores have been $30 or more. Now I know that I could read these for free via the library (if they had them, I haven't ever seen the watercolor book before)--and I do that with tons of books--but when I find one that I know I'll want to read over and over again, I buy it for my personal library. (My husband is starting to worry that we are running out of shelf space, but there is always room for one more bookshelf! Besides, his spy/adventure novels take up some space too!) Posted by Picasa


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