Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Let's Sit a Spell

Even though it's raining right now, it truly is Spring. This past fall I actually took the time to plant some bulbs in the front garden. and What a payoff. Daffodils, tulips, grape hyacynth, all blooming up a storm. They provide such an uplifting feeling--even on dreary days. Plus, the neighborhood kids love looking at them. We also moved an unused garden bench to a little spot outside the front door and my DH created a lovely water feature beside it. So now I have a lovely place out front to sit and read, or just watch the world go by.

I frequently bemoan the fact that houses no longer have front porches. Our neighborhood is no exception. However, people have a way of seeking community and so one by one, the people on our street have found a way. Garden benches, patios, and other seating areas have been created. Some are costly, both in effort and money; others are as simple as a green plastic bench set out under a lilac bush. But slowly people have made zones where they can watch the kids at play, chat with passing neighbors, or just watch the world as it goes about it s business.

We always wanted to remove ourselves from the this busy world. After long, stressful days at work, more people contact was the last thing we wanted. But now that I've been "at home" for a few years, I find that I enjoy the time that I spend with those who live around me. It's now a pleasure to stop and visit for awhile with neighbors, both big and small. Perhaps this is something that you could incorporate in your neighborhood!
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